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About BluesMen Channel

Listen to the internet radio of BluesMen Channel live, which was launched in 2016 as a digitally distributed music radio. The broadcaster is a pioneering radio service in today's flooded cascade of mainstream pop, and is on a noble mission to give airtime to music genres whose foundations have never been broken by the winds of change. The blues and rock have always retained their original meanings and sound production methods, free from the all-consuming electrosmog - leaving the songs of these genres as an emotionally driven combination real instruments sounds and real human voices, inspired not by music marketing professionals but by the soul of the artists. BluesMen Channel also supports the new talents of these genres, giving them the opportunity to get their music on the ever-changing, entusiastically curated playlists. In this way, the radio is also the source of new, never-heard-before, yet-to-be released songs of blues, rock and many of their sub-genres from all over the world.

BluesMen Channel slogan: "The Blues Decides in Whom to Settle..."

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The broadcast is available by its online radio stream worldwide.
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