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We've collected more than 100 UK radios carefully on our online radio site for you. Most of the radios have the feature of song-info or programme title display. The played songs can be searched in the Playlist menu, and the next programmes of the radios can be viewed 1 week ahead in the Schedule menu. The most popular internet radios have archives, so their programmes can be listened to again in the Archives.

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Downtown Country
Absolute Radio Country
Forth 1 - Forth One 97.3
Radio City 96.7
Viking FM
Hits Radio
The Wave
Scala Radio
LCR FM Lincoln
Metro Radio
Tay FM
Hallam FM
Signal 1
Rock FM
Free Radio
Lincs FM
Pirate FM
Wave 105
Downtown Radio
Northsound 1
Heat Radio
Magic Chilled
Birmingham - Capital FM
Brighton - Capital FM
Burnley & Pendle - Capital FM
Coventry - Capital FM
Anglesey & Gwynedd - Capital FM
Derbyshire - Capital FM
Edinburgh - Capital FM
Glasgow - Capital FM
Leicestershire - Capital FM
Liverpool - Capital FM
Manchester - Capital FM
North Oxfordshire - Capital FM
Nottinghamshire - Capital FM
Preston & Blackburn - Capital FM
Rugby - Capital FM
South Coast - Capital FM
South East Staffordshire - Capital FM
South Wales - Capital FM
Stratford - Capital FM
Teesside - Capital FM
Tyne & Wear - Capital FM
UK - Capital FM
Wales Coast - Capital FM
Warwick - Capital FM
Wirral - Capital FM
Wrexham & Chester - Capital FM
Yorkshire - East - Capital FM
Yorkshire - South & West - Capital FM
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We and the online radio listening

Our internet radio site was created for listing together the most popular online available radios of the UK, and to give easy and free access to them at the simplest way in one place. On UKRadioLive you can find the United Kingdom's most popular online radios, the most important general information about the stations, their contact options, frequencies, related news, and if available, the programme schedules and playlists. You can also listen again to programmes of certain radios in their archives. There is no required external software to listen-in, just your freshly updated web browser. To begin you just need to click on the name or logo of the radio station in the radio-list, and the broadcast will start automatically. This way you can easily listen to Heart Radio, Absolute Radio, Capital FM, Classic FM, LBC, KISS, Magic Radio, Smooth Radio, talkSPORT, talkRADIO, Clyde 1, Planet Rock, Virgin Radio UK, Kerrang Radio and many more online radios of the UK via internet.

Suitable devices to enjoy your favourite online radios

The radio broadcasts are available on desktop computers, as well as on smart mobile devices too. So you can enjoy your favourite online radios on any Android or iOS device. The only required software you need to play the radios is your favourite browser. Since the browsers change by the time, we test them continuously for the perfectly enjoyable radio-listening experience. Therefore you can choose the default Android browser, Opera Classic, mobile or desktop Chrome, or Mozilla-Firefox for radio-listening. In line with the challenges of the times, we've also created our native Android and iOS applications, so you can listen to your favourites not just in your browser. You can find them in the footer in the Contact menu.

Why we recommend the online radio listening

There are almost only advantages of the online radio listening compared to the conventional way. The broadcasts' quality is interference free, excellent, and continuous, while the FM radios highly depend from the area, terrain, weather and many other faulty factors. Depending on internet access, the online radios are available all over the world, without the difficulty of searching frequencies, with just one click we can reach our favourite radio! Thanks to the online way, the radios' previous playlists and future programmes are available on our UKRadioLive website and applications too. By the previous playlists, the earlier broadcasted songs can be listened to again, and you can check what programmes will be broadcasted later. Also we have radio archives, where you can listen to certain radio programmes again. Sometimes the online radio broadcasts have also disadvantages. For example the broadcast can lag if the online listener number is very high, this can cause the overload of the radio server. To prevent it, the most popular online radios, like BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, BBC Radio 6 Music, Classic FM, KISS, Magic, talkSPORT, Absolute Radio, Capital FM, Heart, Virgin and Smooth have alternative broadcaster servers, by using them, we can avoid the lag. The other disadvantage affects only those smart-mobile users whose data traffic is limited and have to pay according to their data usage. For them, the use of online radios may be expensive, so be careful! Usually the broadcasts transmit between 32 kbit/sec and 128 kbit/sec to the user's device. This depends on, and define the quality of the broadcast. So, about 1 MB/minute data traffic can be generated on your smart device by listening to radios. Thus, the best option in this case is to connect to a free WiFi-network and enjoy your chosen radio without data restriction! Luckily, several mobile service providers offer unlimited data for reasonable price, in this way, you can enjoy listening to radios on your phone to the fullest.

What if the radios don't work on the site

If the radios won't start, you have more options to find out wether the fault is in your device, or at the radio. Since it often happens that the issue is with the radio streams, or with the system of the listener's device, we've developed a troubleshooting page for the radios. By a few simple steps, you can find out what could cause the issue. Of course there are many issues which can be identified only individually, those types of issues can't be solved with that. If you see that the troubleshooting shows everything fine, but the radio still doesn't start, please send us a message on the Contact menu. Please tell us precisely, which radio broadcast doesn't work, with what browser, and what type of device you have tried to start it! We will try to answer your message as soon as possible on your given e-mail address!


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Latest radio news

Mark Forrest, Mark Kermode, Luci Holland, Richard Allinson and Sam Hughes to leave Scala Radio
Mark Forrest, Mark Kermode, Luci Holland, Richard Allinson and Sam Hughes are leaving Scala Radio as the station introduces more presenter-free programmes. The station says it is evolving its schedule by having a more music afternoon from 2pm till 6pm, after the Mindfulness Hour at 1pm.More >> - 22.02.2024
New group music director role for Robert D’Ovidio at Bauer
Robert D’Ovidio has been appointed as Director (Music) Broadcast, On-Demand and Premium for Bauer Media.More >> - 22.02.2024
BBC Studios Audio appoints two new writers to join its comedy team
BBC Studios has appointed two new staff writers, Christina Riggs and Peter Tellouche, to work across comedy productions for BBC Studios Audio.More >> - 22.02.2024
Lyca Radio replaces Sunrise Radio as Asian Achievers Awards radio partner
Lyca Radio is the new radio partner for the 22nd edition of the Asian Achievers Awards, replacing Sunrise Radio. The brand takes over from its sister station which has been associated with the event until now.More >> - 22.02.2024
Amanda Holden admits to asking husband Chris for “cucumber” charger!
This morning during Heart Breakfast, Amanda Holden admitted to once having a mind blank moment that had Jamie and showbiz reporter Ashley Roberts in hysterics!More >> - 21.02.2024
Jordan North to replace Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast
Former BBC Radio 1 Going Home co-host Jordan North is taking over from Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast. Speculation over the appointment was mounting over the weekend since Radio 1 announced the swift exit of Jordan on Friday morning.More >> - 21.02.2024
GB News ends sales contract with Bauer Media
GB News is launching its own radio advertising and sponsorship sales house after ending its contract with Bauer Media.More >> - 20.02.2024
Lotto to sponsor Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire
The National Lottery has partnered with Global to become the first ever sponsor of Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire. The partnership means Lotto from The National Lottery will be integrated into all Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire on-air and social content, and on Global Player.More >> - 20.02.2024
Ken Bruce to join the first Greatest Hits Radio themed cruise to Hamburg
Ken Bruce, Martin Kemp, Jenny Powell and Kate Thornton will be on-board the first Greatest Hits Radio themed cruise in a partnership with Ambassador Cruise Line.More >> - 20.02.2024

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